Cryogenic Butterfly Valves

Valve Sizes

 3” to 60” ... ANSI 150# to 600# 

General Description

 Cryogenic Butterfly Valves are made to our existing, field tested proven design in 304, 316 Stainless or customer specs. We use high strength elongated Stainless shafts with Nitronic bearings and spacers for low temperature isolation. A high finish on the valve seat along with Kel-F laminated disc seal gives bubble tight sealing. Metal to metal seating or Laminated Disc Sealing is available. Teflon Packing with a deep stuffing box provides a leak tight shaft seal. 

Design Features

 Pressures ANSI 150# to 600# · Temperatures from – 325°F to 450°F · End Connections- Wafer body, Lug body, (RF or RTJ) Flanged ends, Weld ends · Leakage Specifications, Bubble Tight, Class VI · Manual, Pneumatic, or electric actuators.