Knife Gate Valve


 4” to 96” 

General Description

Knife Gate Valves provide positive, non-clogging shut off in paper pulp, slurry and suspended solid service. Generally, Knife gate vales are used for one direction or uni direction flow. Knife gate valves are both bonnetless and bonneted designs meet desired service needs. Our vales are manufactured for the service above as well as catalyst laden high temperature hydrocarbon flow.  

Design Features

Sizes 4” to 96” · Pressures: Bonnetless 150 PSI, Bonneted up to 300# ANSI · Temperature range: 50°F to 1800°F · Flanged End Connections, Wafer type, Weld end · These valves can be supplied with handwheeled manual gear, hydraulic or electric motor operators  

Gate Valve Brochure