High Performance Valves

Valve Sizes

 3” thru 96” ... ANSI rating from 150# to 1500#   

General Description

 Our high performance Butterfly Valves as standard the use of Laminated Disc Seals for extra tight shut off and long cycle life. We use Teflon, Gylon, Grafoil and Kel-F disc laminations and packing as standard or Will supply materials to customer requirements. The stuffing box is extra deep for double sets of packing with a lantern ring separation. A leak off point is provided in the packing aea. Oversized valve shafts with internal and external bearings are standard. Valve trim is equal or beter than body alloy, Stellite or ultimate hard facing is available. 

Design Features

 Basic materials to customer specs · ANSI rating from 150# to 1500# · Operating temperatures from –325°F to +1600°F · Fire Safe Design · Wafer body, Lug body, (RF or RTJ) Flanged Ends, weld ends · Oversize high strength valve shafts · Leak off port(s) on stuffing box(s) · Fugitive emission seals · Leakage specification Class IV, V, VI or bubble tight · Internal & external bearings · Manual, pneumatic, or electric actuators