Horizontal Swing Check Valve


 12” thru 24”

ANSI B16.522” and 26” thru 60”

MSS-SP-44Face to face and end to end dimensions conform to API Spec. 6D, Table 4.6 and ANSI B16.10 for sizes 12” thru 36”; over 36” size–consult factoryFull bore per API Spec. 6D, Table 4.5

Design Features

 Full bore through conduit · Fabricated from wrought & forged steel components for maximum flow efficiency · Lightweight and low profile affords easy installation · Bolted bonnet cover provides easy access for maintenance · Field replaceable seat ring and clapper · Precision machined seating for metal–to–metal, metal–to–elastomer, or metal to Teflon · Lightweight clapper to minimize pressure drop and ensure scraper passage · Teflon impregnated stem bearings eliminate lubrication requirement · Adequate lifting lugs and feet afford easy installation 

Optional Features

 Clapper position indicator · Slam retarder, spring loaded dashspot · Manual override for reverse flow, line testing and/or throttling · Stop check · Integral Bypass