Slide / Guillotine Gate Valve


12” to 144” up to 14 feet (square or rectangle) 

General Description

Three styles of seat arrangement are available depending on the leakage specs requested by our customer. Slide gate guillotine valves are used on low pressure flue gas or airflow service as a block off valve. These valves are available in bonneted or bonnetless design. Guillotine valves are manufactured with a single or double seat arrangement to 1450 F temperature and 5 PSI pressure.  

Design Features

Seat Arrangement: Metal to Metal single seat- low leakage · Tadpole Seat- Less than ¼ leakage · Double seat with purging- 0 leakage · Pressures 0 to 5 PSI · Temperature Range- 50°F to 1450°F · Handwheel manual gear, hydraulic, or electric motor operators 

Gate Valve Brochure